What’s New with Dorje Root? These Results are Shocking!

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For some people, when the road to success appears they put the pedal to the metal.

Dorje Root, long time GIA Wellness Consultant from Crestone Colorado has fully incorporated the iFit Zone Marketing System into her GIA business and she’s glad she did.

Dorje Root

Dorje Root

From the very beginning, Dorje decided to implement the system exactly as it’s designed. She started by entering her contacts in the system so they would receive her iFit Zone Announcement email. Almost immediately her contacts began to positively reach out expressing an eagerness to receive her first iFit Zone Newsletter.

Right away Dorje started to make follow up calls to confirm her contacts received the announcement letter and initial Newsletter. This enabled her to reconnect and catch up with old friends and clients in a natural stress free way.

One of the first people she called was Jaird, a good friend she hadn’t talked with for some time. Jaird was happy to reconnect and requested more information about GIA Wellness.

Over the last few weeks Dorje has had many enjoyable conversations with good friends and past clients. Several have joined her GIA team as customers and consultants including Jaird who became Dorje’s very first sponsored Business Builder.

There is no question that Dorje has found the vehicle to help accelerate her GIA business successfully down the GIA Highway.

Next stop… Director and the GIA Car Program.

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