What is Email Scrubbing, and Why Do We Do It?

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Email marketing seems pretty straightforward. You compile a list of email addresses, send regular, useful emails, and reap the rewards of staying in touch with clients and prospects. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, not so fast.  If you’re doing that, you’ve skipped one very important step that could jeopardize your entire campaign: You must scrub your email lists before sending those messages. Here’s why.

Over time, some of the email addresses in your list will become inactive. People switch email providers, change jobs and lose their company email account, or unsubscribe. Some people never open your emails.

Email servers and filters detect these problems, and automatically send your messages to the spam folder. This can hurt your domain’s reputation, decrease delivery rates of your messages, and in a worst case scenario, get your domain blacklisted and cause massive delivery issues when big boys like Gmail and Yahoo flag you as a “spammer”.

Scrubbing your email list removes invalid and erroneous addresses from your list prior to attempting to send to them, thereby preventing you from sending a bunch of undeliverable messages that could land you on that blacklist.   In addition, removing those bad addresses from your list helps to keep your costs down since most email marketing software platforms will charge you for every address, even if that address is undeliverable.

Removing dead email addresses can also help you manage your content. You need accurate stats in order to gauge which types of content are most enticing to your readers. It’s hard to measure open rates accurately if you’re sending emails to addresses that are no longer in use. So, scrubbing your email list helps you to focus on the prospects who do open your emails, and now it’s easier to see which types of content they prefer.

Scrubbing email lists is a complicated process, and requires sophisticated software.  An outside service must be hired to perform this task and, obviously, there are fees associated with this.

But we do it for you so you never have to worry about it!

The bottom line is that we protect and maintain the integrity of our program so you can feel good about participating as part of The iFit Zone team.

If you have any questions about your email list or scrubbing, just let us know!

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