The GIA Wellness Business Information Process

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The information process as a series of steps a prospect will go through to make a decision about joining our teams. Our assignment as GIA consultants is to guide prospects through a simple information process so they can make the best decision for them. The following is how I view the process.

Footprints in the sand on Polzeath beach Vintage Retro Filter.Prospecting

This is the act of finding people we want to invite to learn about our business. People we know and referrals from others are the best ways to locate people to invite. However, there are many ways to locate people to invite into the information process. Invitation

We are inviting our prospects to learn about what our business has to offer. The objective is to set an appointment for a presentation. Presentation could mean a one on one presentation, a video presentation, a home meeting or even a conference call presentation.   We want our presentation tools to do the work. Invitations are best done in person or over the phone because developing a relationship with our prospect is critical. Email invitations just don’t work. Tell your story and ask If they would like to learn more about our opportunity. Click here to listen to a recent training call about inviting. The Inviting Skill


The more your prospect is thinking about, what’s in it for them, the more favorable they will view the presentation. People do things for their reasons not ours. During the invitation you told your GIA story including your reason for joining the business. It’s likely your prospects could have a similar reason for joining. Attempt to bring out what it would mean for them if they could create an extra income.   Identify needs, desires and challenges that may be answered in the presentation.   Once you discover their real need you can help show them how your presentation may help them discover a way to achieve what they desire. This may seem difficult at first but just asking a few questions and staying tuned in will enable you to discover a way you can really help your prospect.

Example; “Jim I’m so glad you’re interested in learning more. I am excited to share our company’s mission and purpose and I think you are going see a way to make a difference in your life. Before we go to the presentation would it be ok if I ask you a few questions? If you get as excited as I am about this business would you be able to find a few hours a week to dedicate to building? Would you be coachable and willing to learn a simple system that leads to success? As you view the presentation be thinking about people you know who may be interested in the business or products and jot their names down.”

Asking simple qualifying questions helps your prospect be in the right frame of mind as they experience the presentation. They will be more open to possibility and less concerned that you are trying to sell them something.


A presentation is simply an orderly conveyance of the information about our business that communicates the features, advantages and benefits of joining.   I believe in using the tools. The company video presentations do a wonderful job at telling the story. I would attempt to incorporate the video presentations in all presentation modalities.   When you add your product and business story along with a product demonstration you’ve created a simple duplicatable presentation model.

This model could be used with one person, or in a group setting or a long distance phone or Skype presentation. The tools always do it right.

Obtaining Decisions

People want to buy but they don’t what to be sold. However, our job is to help prospects toward a decision. A good first question is “what did you like best about the presentation?” This will help lead you in the direction that interests them. Find out what intrigued them. Work together to discover how the business can solve a problem they may have.

Another good question is “if you were to join our team what would you like to accomplish?” Once we get clarity about what they want to accomplish we can show how working with us and the team they can begin moving in the direction of what they desire.

A three way call or meeting with your upline is the best way to help prospects through the decision process.

Handling Objections

Objections are just questions or requests for more information. Clarify the objection as a question and go about answering it.   Again, using your upline team is an easy way to handle questions or objections. This back and forth is a typical way people gain information. Expect it and have fun providing the answers. Remember, our job as consultants is to assist the prospect through the information process toward a decision that is best for them. Once you have answered their question ask them to join your team.

Cash Arrangements

Once your prospect says “I’m in” then take care of the business transaction….don’t delay. Complete the paperwork and obtain the starting investment in that moment. If you delay there may be a change of mind or they may think they have not really made the final decision.


Registering your new consultant may seem like the “win” but it’s just the beginning. Congratulate them for making a great decision and prepare them for the beginning steps of getting started right then….

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