The iFit Zone Redefines Your Network

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Who is Your Network?

When you’re involved in Network Marketing and creating a team of consultants and customers you tend to think of them as your Network. That seems to make sense because you’ve worked with them from the time they were a prospective customer or team member and helped them make the decision to purchase a product or join the team. They definitely become part of the Network.

Now that they are in the “Network” it’s perfectly okay to expect them to help you grow the Network right? So you spend time nurturing the relationship, you find out what they want to accomplish and work to help them have a good experience. If all goes well they will reach out to others and invite them into the Network also.

Social networkA New Definition

Here is a new way to think about our definition of a Network Marketing Network. Yes, all the above is true. That’s how you grow a Network Marketing organization. However, there is another group of people that you may not recognize as your Network, but they are just as valuable if not more valuable to the growth and success of your business. The Network I’m talking about are your prospective business builders and customers.

The Old Way vs The iFit Zone Way

Prior to launching the iFit Zone a customer or business prospect went through a process of information and made a decision to join, buy or do nothing. If they joined the team or purchased a product they became part of the Network. If they did not join or buy you moved on to find the next customer or business prospect.

You know the old saying, “some will some won’t so what, next”. With the iFit Zone the new reality is “some will some won’t…DRIP!

What I mean is this. The iFit Zone has a unique ability to keep us in contact with our customers and prospects, automatically, for the long term, even when they say no or not now. In essence, they become a part of our Network. They are a Network of people that are outside of our organization. But they are just as valuable.

If you continually work to grow your iFit Zone contact list and adopt this new paradigm about your iFit Zone Network, you’ll never feel like prospecting is a chore again. Simply by providing massive value to your iFit Zone Contact list you will attract new customers and team members with ease. They will become your most passionate referral source and some of your most successful leaders.

The key is in providing value and it’s in the numbers.

The iFit Zone can help with providing value but that won’t be enough. Your personal efforts in making follow up calls, connecting on Facebook and building a relationship with your key contacts is critical.

The numbers are up to you. The more the better! Keep adding to your list consistently. Never stop. Imagine a time when you have tens of thousands of contacts hearing from you, month after month, via your iFit Zone Newsletter and follow up calls. Image your team member’s connected with 1000s of their contacts through the iFit Zone also.

By expanding your definition of Network and focusing on providing value to your GIA and iFit Zone Networks you will grow your organization and achieve all your goals and dreams much faster and with less effort.

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