How We Create Brand Awareness and Drive Website Traffic

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group of people talking in social networkWhen you think of brands, you probably picture your favorite soft drink, shoes, apparel, cars, and so on. As you might already know, a “brand” is more than the name of a product. It conveys a lot of information about lifestyle and quality, and fans of particular brands actually develop an emotional attachment to their favorite products! That’s why they become loyal, repeat customers.

So, producing and selling a product is quite a bit different from building a brand. Yet, a building brand is definitely a worthwhile goal, because developing a dedicated following will help you earn repeat business and even new referrals.

When you set out to establish brand awareness for your home business, you will first open up to your “warm market”. These are the people you already know, and who are familiar with you.  However, building brand awareness is not the same as simply selling to your family and friends (which could be annoying for them). In this case, branding is all about giving your warm market the opportunity to learn more about your product line, and the business opportunity itself.  In addition, building awareness of your brand will involve driving traffic to your website, where your visitors will learn more about what you have to offer.

You’ve heard the old adage: “It’s easier to catch flies with honey”. This refers to the ages-old idea that the best way to get someone’s attention is by offering something they want! That’s why we focus on creating content that people want to read (or watch, in the case of videos). When your content speaks to them, answers their questions, and establishes you as an expert on the topic, they will want to come back time and again to read (or watch) more.  When they find your content valuable and relevant, your warm market might even share it via email or social media. Online shares are the equivalent of old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals!

So, when we create content to drive traffic to your website and establish your brand, we ask these questions:

  • Is this content compelling? Will your contacts take notice, and want to read it?
  • Will this content drive viewers to your website?
  • Will your readers feel motivated to share this content?
  • Does this content reflect your company’s values?
  • Is this content valuable enough that, when asked, your audience will follow through on a call to action (such as filling out a short contact form)?

Good, compelling content might include blogs, images, short informative videos, and testimonials.  The first step is to create this valuable content. The second step is to use that content to drive traffic to your website by posting links on social media, using search-friendly keywords, and even directly inviting your contacts via email.

But of course, we never just create content and hope for the best. We continually evaluate content and make adjustments to strategies, so that brands continue to evolve in the direction of customer needs and interests. We do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on following up, engaging in conversation, and building deeper and more meaningful relationships with your prospects, customers, and others who receive your content.

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