Caren Knott Strikes Gold with The iFit Zone

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GIA Wellness Senior Director, Caren Knott, from Canyon Country California just experienced the excitement that The iFit Zone Marketing System can create!

Here’s what happened…


GIA Wellness Senior Director, Caren Knott

For the past few months Caren has been participating in The iFit Zone program. She put together a great email list of 87 people, consisting of friends, relatives, prospects, and GIA product users.

Twice each month, the people on Caren’s list have been receiving a personalized email sent by The iFit Zone on her behalf. It didn’t take long before the effort paid huge dividends!

Just recently, Elva (Caren’s co-worker from a previous job) received the bi-monthly iFit newsletter and it created some curiosity. Elva and Caren have been friends for over 5 years but only see each other once per year or so.

Elva was actually a GIA customer over 6 years ago!

After receiving the newsletter, Elva called Caren to find out what was new with GIA. Caren invited Elva to a GIA Wellness event and the rest is history. Elva joined Caren’s team as a Business Builder excited about helping the team grow.

Caren said “I really get it now… with my iFit Zone System it’s no customer or prospect left behind! When they’re ready I’ll be there.”

Without The iFit Zone, Caren’s chances of reaching out to Elva were slim. Now she’s excited to be working with her newest Business Builder!

The iFit Zone Difference…

The iFit Zone incorporates the core marketing strategies of visibility, credibility, and automation into Caren’s business.


The iFit Zone makes Caren more visible to her audience. By keeping her name and face in front of her warm market twice every month, people think of her and associate her with things like wireless protection, health, and wellness.


By providing valuable information to people on a regular basis and presenting that information in a professional manner, Caren gains a higher level of credibility with her warm market. Credibility is critical for sales and recruitment.


Since The iFit Zone is fully automated for Caren, she doesn’t need to spend her valuable time making sure it happens. She can focus on other aspects of her business while The iFit Zone works behind the scenes for her!
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