An iFit Success Story: Lesley Valentine

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Lesley Valentine

Lesley Valentine uses the iFit Zone to build a very bright future.  

As an Acupuncturist and GIA Wellness Consultant in the Portland area, Lesley Valentine understands that building and fostering relationships is everything.  However, she also knows it’s a lot easier to talk about than to actually do.    

Several months ago, she joined the iFit Zone Team with hopes that iFit’s simple digital marketing system would help her stay connected with her clients and potential GIA customers, and help expand her business.  

After entering her contact list into the Automated Newsletter System, she didn’t just wait around for the phone to ring.  She began to consistently follow up with a few people each week.   Just a simple call to confirm they received her Newsletter.  

Well, to make a long and exciting story very short, Lesley was recently recognized for achieving “The Team Expansion Bonus” and created her highest GIA volume as she sponsored several new GIA Managers and team mates in March.   

Lesley’s excited about the future because she realizes the unlimited potential the iFit Zone provides for her practice and business long term.   She no longer has to worry about clients and customers falling through the cracks, because now she leaves no one behind due to the benefits of the iFit Zone Marketing System.

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