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Welcome to The iFit Zone!

The iFit Zone is a revolutionary income generating system that brings together the Network Marketing Entrepreneur working from home and a highly sophisticated Social Media Platform that is simple to use and creates a global presence instantly.

John Williams

John Williams

Co-Founders, Greg Preite and John Williams bring a unique and fresh perspective to the ever expanding “Social” Network Marketing Industry. With each having over 20 years of experience working with industry professionals, they have parlayed that knowledge and understanding into a Social Media driven system designed to help individual distributors create the lifestyle they truly desire.

In the past decade, John has become the top distributor in his company with thousands of active distributors throughout his international network. His organization has reached hundreds of thousands of people and generated millions of dollars in sales and commissions.

Over the same time period, Greg launched a marketing firm focusing specifically on corporate online marketing, content writing, and Social Media management. He has received national recognition for his innovation and creativity and today his firm provides digital marketing services to corporations and small business owners internationally.


Greg Preite

John and Greg are proud to have developed The iFit Zone platform that allows today’s network marketer to leverage the power of the internet and Social Media and adapt new and innovative business building strategies into the traditional network marketing model.

The iFit Zone provides today’s networker…

  • Fresh concepts for team building, communications, and networking!
  • The ability to reach thousands of prospects faster than ever before!
  • A genuine business plan based on today’s model of social interaction that can be adapted, taught, and duplicated throughout a networking organization!
  • Business building strategies that keep today’s networker on the forefront of technology!


You’re invited to discover a new way to create a great living with The iFit Zone. Be sure to watch The iFit Zone Overview and The iFit Zone Secret videos above. Then contact Greg and John for more information.

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The iFit Zone Team Call:  May 18, 2017

The iFit Zone Team Call: May 18, 2017

Launch your local team using Social Media!  

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The iFit Zone Training Call:  May 11, 2017

The iFit Zone Training Call: May 11, 2017

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An iFit Success Story: Lesley Valentine

An iFit Success Story: Lesley Valentine

Lesley Valentine uses the iFit Zone to build a very bright future.   As an Acupuncturist and GIA Wellness Consultant in the Portland area, Lesley Valentine understands that building and fostering relationships is everything.  However, she also knows it’s a lot easier…

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What’s New with Dorje Root?  These Results are Shocking!

What’s New with Dorje Root? These Results are Shocking!

For some people, when the road to success appears they put the pedal to the metal. Dorje Root, long time GIA Wellness Consultant from Crestone Colorado has fully incorporated the iFit Zone Marketing System into her GIA business and she’s glad she…

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What is Email Scrubbing, and Why Do We Do It?

What is Email Scrubbing, and Why Do We Do It?

Email marketing seems pretty straightforward. You compile a list of email addresses, send regular, useful emails, and reap the rewards of staying in touch with clients and prospects. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not so fast.  If you’re doing that, you’ve skipped…

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The Secret to Online Marketing:  Lots of Touch Points

The Secret to Online Marketing: Lots of Touch Points

In just a few years, the Internet has become a fantastic tool for business owners and marketers.  It has changed consumers and their buying habits.  In turn, marketers have had to renovate their methods. We can’t expect the things that worked for…

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